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Hey guys I'm pretty new here... so to start off. I'm gonna put down one of my recent songs I've currently working on. The lyrics is pretty much done, but needs touch up i think.
The paragraph follows as Chorus, vers1, vers2, vers3, bridge1, bridge 2.

I can't help it but stare
but to look at you and dream about you
being at your side, would make me smile
I swear I'll never let go of
someone so beautiful
You have beatiful eyes
like ones, I never seen before
so blue, so nice
like the heaven and skies

You have a super sweet smile
it strikes me in my heart
in my dark, it makes it right
so I'm glad, you're at my sight

You have attractive hair
elegant in every single way
so clean and perfect
similar to a golden flower

You have beautiful eyes
You have a super sweet smile
You have attractive hair
You are so hot...

You're as pretty as you are
From the bottom to the top
From inside out
From who you are
From who you are
You are beautiful...

I'm thinking of changing the 3rd verse. Into something different. It gets kinda old with "you have...." Well, I did the third verse really quickly I guess but yea.
Please comment. I would appreciate it.
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