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Grab your weapons and munition
leave your clothes it's time to fight
get used to the daily fiction
please the lord it's time to die.

Throw the dice in your political game
so we will die, and you can gain.
I don't need no water, no leave the bread
all I want is bullets, and cigarettes.
My house is confiscated, don't have no money with me,
my family's dead, but take my blood as currency.

We bursted into the jungle like mad cows
and flew through our scarce ration.
Now we're facing spastic faces, while we're fogbound
to realize, rain is our drinkable retaliation

But after tea time in my motherland
comes gambling time for the government.
How much canonfood will be send
to heal the worldwide decadence?

War makes superstitious but it's a portent
in my petrified hands
I can see the waterís turning red
and the question in the end's.

Do I have the guts
to join the sea of blood
and save another man's butt.

Do I have the guts
untill the sea has flooded
Do I have the guts
untill the end

you walked the new world shoar
out of question youíll lose the fight
still you threw down the glove
hell, youíll get swallowed by the tide

Forced into tí drain of society
Preying Schrinks on your agony
Certainty seems far away;
Blue mountains as communicating door to your fate.

But it's not your time yet,
and don't try to fight the vortex.

you'll go with the flow,
'n get spit out on the shoar.
Even hope won't help no more,
there's corruption behind the door,
you endured it all before.

There ain't no right action,
that will lead you to protection,
ain't no time for satisfaction,
it's all 'bout t' selection.
(you endured it all before. )

don't try to make your way home now
don't try to keep your head so down,
when you're sneaking on the ground,
it's not the manner to compound
(you endured it all before.)

Nothing can reach it
untill I breath it
Cause lifeís out to teach me,
And wonít ever leave me
untill I breath it

try to leave the sewer
threw the world outímy head
so I broke down my mirror
donít look back, straight ahead
I canít see my prowler
But I feel the all known breath
This one wonít founder
Cause my soulís already dead.

*Oooohhh my God*

Holy Lord,
this is my last pray
may I rest in peace
quiet float away
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