#1May 25th, 2008 · 06:50 PM
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Cymru (Wales)
You left me standing
Rejection can be difficult to digest sometimes !

You left me standing
Knowing the difference between the left and the right

You left me standing
Having held you in the deep of night

You left me standing
With a desire to kindle your fire
To brake your hart and to take you higher

You left me standing
In the middle of the road
Squirming like a toad
Telling my self, Well you’ve been told
Pretty little woman aint got no soul
But how is it that I can see
That she’d do anything for me?

You left me standing
Upon a paradise found
Lonely as hell
Because there’s no one around
For me to tell, How much I love you
Out of my mind and memories
I remember what you mean to me

You left me standing
In the rain, saying its all the same
That one way or another
I have always been your lover
Underneath your window
#2May 26th, 2008 · 10:02 PM
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OK Kings... you've got some cliche-ish expressions here... but the kicker is 'squirming like a toad'...
Those kind of lines can work well in some campy musical piece but reading them can make a reader snicker a bit...
#3May 27th, 2008 · 11:50 AM
341 threads / 59 songs
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Cymru (Wales)
O! you dont get it ?
It's meant to be , it's all cliches from beginning to end, if I would have written "Squirming like 'that' toad" would that make it clearer?
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