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The City Sleeps in Flames
I spent days
fighting your battles with no sleep
and as I do recall
you said that you'd weep
on my grave if I fall
but you want fall at all
the city sleeps in flames

         ** Chorus**
You look to me with open arms
remembering all the good times we had
and how you just turned away
the city sleeps in flames

**verse 2**
what object of faith
would lead you to believe
that this was the right way
and as I look on and burning buildings fall
I see that you were wrong
the city sleeps in flames

** chorus**

** break**
as fire rains down from heaven above
you look to god wishing for love
but he just turned away
the city sleeps in flames


hey guys this song just kinda spilled out a few nights ago!! Tell me what you think ( and is the second verse ok? ) thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!
#2May 24th, 2008 · 03:45 AM
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I like!
It's simple, it dances delightfully around the same subject from beginning to end, it's written in a way that more people can relate to it in different ways in that it's direct and clear yet 'general' and open.
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