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FL tutorials (fruity loops zip packages)

Some time ago I made a little tutorial initiative, where i created some FL studio tutorials. My tutorials are in form of zip packages, where every package contains one html file with additional information. These tutorials use only standard set of instruments and effects so you wont have problems running them. They are split into categories which cover topics like:

Sidechain compression
Filter automation
Bass maddnes
Granular synthesis
Noise shaping

and more.

I tried to make this tutorial different, and plan to continue with their development. So if you are interested, you may subscribe. Whatever. Enjoy learning

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Just a heads up, the pics are missing from your html doc.
#3January 14th, 2008 · 07:52 PM
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I'm guessing this is for FL7 and not an earlier edition? I don't know if you've mentioned that on your site.

It's a cool idea. I've seen a couple of tutorials like this, but I found them a little hard to make sense of, but, extra stuff that didn't come with FL were in the zip files, so that gives a bit more flexibility.

Good luck with it. I may have to check some of them out...
#4January 14th, 2008 · 07:53 PM
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No worries, there are things in there that arent even in Fl7.  Nice tuts..  Need just a bit of work.
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