#1November 3rd, 2006 · 09:43 PM
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spoon wrote…
that sounds like a horrid experience Nobster 

..so....do you still make goofy facial expressions???  ;)

well i try my best not to make those goofy faces any more. i always make sure my mind is in a proper state before i go into the battle field. now i do rehearsals and find out from others........what i look like  

PuppetXeno wrote…
jeez that sounds like the ultra nightmare, nobster! I would have walked off the stage for sure and blame everybody else and quit the band instantly.

hell......it was a nightmare for me. i could not have walked offstage as the sponsors were good guys nor did i quit the band.......but one thing we did right, that was to kick the culprit out of the band who caused 70% of all the embarrassments.
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