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Well, If im not mistaken you are in "pattern" mode which plays the same pattern over and over... if you want to "arrange" the patterns you need to switch to "song" mode.  Up next to the play button at the top of FL are two lil orange lights...one labeled "pat" and one labeled "song"... Click song to go into song mode and then click the "playlist" icon at the top right of the screen which will bring up the arrangement window...  Audio goes in the top part of the screen and patterns go into the bottom... you will see at the bottom half of screen that it has
several rows listed as pattern 1, pattern 2 and so on... so this is where you will place the "arrangement" of patterns...once you've done that, hit the big play button, making sure you are in "song" mode and FL will play the patterns as they are arranged in the window...

rereading your thread, i have doubts that this is what you are asking for...if not, im not sure what it is you are trying to do?  If so, please help me understand a lil better what it is you are trying to accomplish and i will dig in and find out how to do it...
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