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Practise time!
well actually i was just wondering what kind off scales och just anything you use for practising? Do you practise or do you just play some solos, how do you do it?
You try to play legato to build up strength?
Maybe something thats really great for building up some nice huge stringskipping (i really suck when i have to jump from the d string to the high e) ?

I need something new
#2May 30th, 2006 · 12:43 AM
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all of the above
Depending on what your trying to accomplish theres alot of things you should do. To be a well rounded player you should learn to read music, and guitar tab since your a guitar player, you should know music theory,Key Signatures,  scales Major, minor, harmonic minor, diminished,augmented, pentatonics, blues, ect. learn to practice these at varying tempos
using a metronone or drum loop start slow and build up your speed try for accuracy over speed.

     Also at the same time you should work on arppegios. (chords that are played one note at a time) ie. c chord c.e.g  stike each note seperatly. Learn all the caged chord forms and all their positions.  Then work on the chords (all notes played at once) Find diffrent chord forms that are harder to play and work on them till you can play them.
Ted Green has some good chord books out there.

There is a great fingering excercise that's used for starting guitarist in classical music
you start left hand fingering  fret 1 sixth string 1st finger then 2nd fret 2nd finger then 3rd fret/finger 4th fret/4th finger do this moving up one fret at a time to the 12th fret then go to next string do same thing.
then do every possible combination of left hand fingering ie 1234,1243,1324,1342,
1423,1432,2134,2143,continue on until 4321 is reached. you should vary the starting order.

Also learn alot of songs by diffrent styles there is a lot of free music and tabs out there
this website has alot of guitar tab for free you can learn alot of solos here


If you want to learn string skipping theirs alot of good videos out there on string skipping techniques.

     Anyway good luck just remember to practice and play alot.
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It is very easy to play one's when you learn it...
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