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FL Studio W/ Addictive Drums and a Roland TD-6 E-drum kit
Let me start by saying that I'm brand new to making digital music. I play drums and finally decided to start recording. I just purchased FL Studio 8 and Addictive Drums plugin. I also use a Roland TD-6sw electronic drum kit that is hooked up via MIDI to my laptop. I read willydavidk's tutorials on using FL Studio and found them VERY helpful. But here is my problem. I'm using my E-drum kit to trigger the samples in Addictive Drums, but I can't figure out how to properly map the samples to match the pads on my kit. For example...when I hit the tom pads, cymbals are triggered. Can anyone help me with this?
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Have you tried doing a you tube search on it.
maybe type midi mapping for such and such drums or software..etc ,etc....Here's a couple of quick reference points..
and hears another
hope that helps!
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re: hi
playwei wrote…
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Tell us what you have for Bandamp's community. Thank you for being here. But let me tell you that our new members (like you are) read the threads and posts firsts and after you've been integrated to the community and we all know who you are and where you're from and what you're doing you're pleased to post some links to whatever you want.
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