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Suggestions regarding keyboards
I wanted some input regarding the latest keyboards ... the last keyboard i bought was a Kurzwiel K2000 and it's been a workhorse. I've been very happy with it but now I;m ready to buy a new one.

What do you suggest and why?
thanks in advance .....
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, you have a kurzwiel  .... I would stick with the kurzwiel  they are expensive for a reason...imho  they sound better . I thought the triton stuff was amazing till I played on one of the weighted key kurzwiel boards.
#3March 16th, 2008 · 06:25 PM
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In the big 3 league you have Yamaha Motif XS#, Korg M3 and Roland Fantom G#, also in the Korg family is the Korg OASYS which is open architecture. I myself got a Korg Triton Extreme, hoping to buy sometime in the future a Roland Fantom G8 and a Receptor Rack.

And it all comes to a matter of taste. Every brand has their pro and cos. I'm not much a Yamaha lover, though their preset banks of sounds have some really nice "realistic" sounds, though I'm always in between Roland and Korg. If you wonder why i mentioned a Receptor rack, is because the receptor rack is like a computer, which you can install VST (Virtual Instruments) software into it and play it anywhere with a keyboard that has a midi out, so practically that's the richier in sound "keyboard" you could have. But as i mentioned, about the keyboard, you have to go to a music store and play with the 3 to decide which one fits you most. Hope it helps
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