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pc software :
This is greg (toastedgoat)  I have a question about  the differences between  Sonar Pro and Cubase SX3

I am familiar with cubase sx3 and LE but I have never used Sonar Pro does anyone know if the device setups are similar and the editing and effects similar..... not a major thing just seeing if anyone has used both and which one they would prefer, and why?
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They are similar, and I've heard Sonar is better from longtime users. Never asked why though.
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Thanks  for the info ... I think they are going to do something different though  ...figures lol
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Sonar vs. Cubase
Cubase is very powerful but has a less intuitive interface than Sonar. Sonar emerged from Home Studio and a number of other products aimed at the more casual users of music editing software. Sonar in its current incarnation it is just as powerful (i.e. can do as much with high quality results) but will be easier for the more inexperienced musician to get professional results.

I, however, resorted to FL Studio because, when I picked it up it was very cheap and mostly adequate. It has added a host of professional features that work properly (and raised the price as well) and now ranks among the best of them. If I had to buy it today I might well have considered Sonar, but might well have not been able to afford either...
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YEA FL Studio!!!!!!!!!!!!
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