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Cheap audio interface
I just picked up a Behringer Audio interface a UMC204.  I got a good deal on it at Sweetwater.  It's not on league with the motu, or UA interfaces but, It's under $80.00,  a fraction of the cost of the other interfaces I own.  I'm going to use it to track the 30 day song challenge.. So far I done a little vocal stuff with it.. It's clean has good headroom. and seems to be doing a great job. 

So If your looking for a cheap 2 channel interface you might look at one of the Behringer UMC lines.  I think it's clean enough you could do pro stuff with it.
#2April 29th, 2017 · 01:11 PM
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I think top of the range audio interfaces are overated. The difference in sound quality is negligible, although reliability and length of life is. It depends how much you use the gear, if it's daily and you are earning your bread and butter from it, it's then probably best to get the best gear you can afford.  I've got a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, it was reasonably priced at 220.00, the recording quality is excellent, no real artificial sounds and never had a problem with it.
#3May 1st, 2017 · 05:20 PM
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it's easy to get caught up in the better gear better sound. skills are more important.  Someone with good writing, recording , and mixing skills can take a cheap interface and produce a good product. Put them on top end gear and it is just somewhat better, a little cleaner and a little bigger sounding.  Take someone like me who is just a part time user, with minimal skill sets, and cheap or expensive it isn't going to sound professional. It can be ok, but not on part with the radio stuff. So I would need to build my skill set up, before I need to spend money on top end gear.  I like ogling U87 mics, and SSL boards, but even if I owned them I couldn't produce radio hits with them. .
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