#1May 26th, 2014 · 09:24 AM
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Landed a Vox AC15 twin 10 amp
This is a perfect recording amp.  Clear chimey jangle cleans, and an excellent amp for pedals.  It's distortion is not that great, cause it's not made for that.  I put a JHS tubescreamer in front of it,  it sounds real nice.

  I like the 10" speakers. I don't have to fight the low end nearly as much.   super articulate amp.  When I first started recording with it, I had to tighten up my guitar playing. especially my right hand.
#2May 26th, 2014 · 02:42 PM
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If you get chance post something on the amp using the AC15.  I've always wanted a Fender Twin.  I don't gig anymore, but if I did it would be on my list along with Messa Boggie - I love a clean rich sound.  Also love the Fender Bassman, originally made for Bass guitar, but many guitarists used it and still do.  I believe David Gilmore used it for studio work.
My Cousin had a Selmer 30 watt Tube amp in the late seventies, it had a great sound, powerful for 30 watts.
I borrowed it once and cranked it up, the distorted valve had a lovely rich harmonic sound quality.
I'm so out of touch with amps, I'm sure there are some new valve amps in the market place with great sounds.
#3May 26th, 2014 · 03:36 PM
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I used to have a silverfaced bassman I think it was a 75',

 I own a 1974 silverface twin reverb with the blackface mod (turns it into a mid-60's twin..better tonally).  I like boogies, but mostly their Mark series amps.. especially the mark II ++ amp.
#4May 26th, 2014 · 03:43 PM
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here is a quick thing i did.  not done with it. just goofing with an idea.

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