#1September 14th, 2012 · 12:48 PM
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I really needed a new guitar
thought I'd better keep it cheaper this time so it got a Vintage, Icon series Telecaster, never had a tele before.., liking it so far except for the body shape when playing sitting.
I hope its sound cuts nicely through the Strat i bought last year,
gonna do the clean rhytm guitar on 'Oye Como White Guy' with it asap!

#2September 14th, 2012 · 01:33 PM
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United Kingdom
Looks well giged - Look forward in how it sounds.
#3September 16th, 2012 · 04:36 AM
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Congrats Max. I know "Vintage" gits very well. The git shop here provides many of these instruments ( gits & basses) and I checked ´em all. Good price/quality-relationship.

A friend seems to be addicted for these gits cos he has collected 6 !!! gits from this company.
A "Vintage"- junkie. 

Hope you have fun with it.


Hupps, there´s an Ibanez in the collection..................

#4September 16th, 2012 · 08:54 AM
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tnx Denis and ULI,
thats a nice collection! I am only halfway :p
I see he has almost the same tele, but without the used look?
Tried a London City strat also, bit cheaper, but much less quality, so the choice was easy.
I am not too fond of the used look, but thought of that as not important.

I tried the tele only on my gf's small Peavy Amp so far, mostly clean because that comes out the best on that amp, and I am very content with it, half the price of a Fender, still rockin :p
Not used to the switch position yet, but that needs some time, the action really is great, the guy from the guitar shop here(Delft) did a great job, also an my strat btw.
Hope I'll get to recording today!
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