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I sold two acoustic guitar to buy this, my first ever attractive Classical Guitar. It''s a right-handed guitar re-strung left-handed. I don't recommend doing it on this particular model as the Saddle/bridge is off-set right handed, so in theory it throws is slightly out of tune the further you play up the fretboard - I almost sent it back because of that, but It's hardly noticeable - I like the look of it, to me the look of guitar is equally as important to how if feels sounds plays etc..... I changed the strings to a set of High Tension (Heavier gauge) D'Addario Pro Arte composites - They are supposed to last 2-3 times longer than a standard set, although they are 12.95 a pop, they work out cheaper if they indeed last longer. I'll upload a demo recording soon, hence classical nylon strings can take a few days to settle - crikey when you first put them on they go out of tune as you are tightening them up..
I'll be interested to so how it sounds when played with other instruments, if it obviously sounds out of tune, which I doubt, I'll sell it in about six months or so re-strung right handed to how it should be - depending on how much I like playing a classical guitar purchase a purpose built quality left-handed model - I'm a sucker for a bargain... You never know one might turn up like the superb the Tanglewood Sundance I purchased recently.

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