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The Vox "Teardrop" guitar: More than you would want to know...
In another thread, I was intrigued by the use of a guitar that was styled after the old Vox Teardrop...which was used by several bands (Rolling Stones, Beatles, etc.) in the early-to-mid sixties. My pal ULI raised a question about these guitars so I decided to dig up some info...

Here is a link to some history of the guitar: http://en.goldenmap.com/Vox%20Mark%20III

From reading that article, you can see that Vox  discontinued production of this guitar for awhile; Consequently, a company called "Phantom" guitars now produces a version of it:

Vox guitars have their own following as you can see by checking out this site:

here are some pictures of some celebrities who played these guitars back in the day:

here is one being played:

and another:

Here is Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones playing his:

Here's a story about one guy and his emotional ties to his Vox Mark VI:

Here is a page from the Phantom site (where you can still buy these gems)

 Vox manufactured a version of this guitar briefly in 2007 as reviewed here:

That one didn't stay in production very long (because of the depressed world economy) and then Vox decided to put out this unusual offering (which is available today)
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