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Do I need preamp or audio interface, neither??
Here's my setup: I have a Toshiba Satellite A350 laptop, 2.2GHz Centrino processor, 4GB RAM. Realtek High Definition Sound.
I use a Samson QU1 USB microphone and Magix Music Maker 16.
Do I need a preamp or audio interface in this setup? I seen a lot of arguments on forums about this and still don't know if I need either or any of these.
I did look at a Behringer Ultragain Mic100 Tube Preamp... is this any good or needed?
#2February 1st, 2010 · 01:06 PM
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Can you plug the Samson QU1 into the Ultragain?  If it's a USB mic, then it plugs direct into a USB interface on the PC - in effect, the PC sees this as a sound-card with only input active.
With that set-up, you do not need an audio interface for the microphone; but if you're going to record electric guitar direct to the pc then you will.
I'd be tempted to try using the mic to record everything (by mic-ing up the amp for guitar, etc) - although I'm not convinced that you'll get a very good quality of sound from it.  It's worth trying though, and if it all works then you've saved yourself the cost of an audio interface.
Jim AC
#3February 1st, 2010 · 03:25 PM
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Check out the reviews on harmoney central website Re the Behringer Ultragain Mic100 Tube Preamp.
I too was considering it, after a lot of reaserch I bought an ART GOLD MPA mic tube preAMP.

With your set-up you may as well try a tube plug-in for free.

My set-up is different, I had to get the mic preamp to boost the signal, because the preamps on my wrokstaion created a lot of hiss when the gain was high, which you need for mics.

Then again it depends how many inputs you need, I tust you only need two. There is so much coming on the market these days, best to try before you buy if you can, or seek as many reviews.
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