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Best affordable sound card to get for musicproduction and recording.
Hello everyone,

I am looking to buy a good affordable sound card so I can produce and record. I need a sound card that I can hook up my Rokit 5 monitors to it, my synthesizer, Mic and Guitar. I am using FL Studio as my DAW.

I was thinking of the M-audio Audiophile 192. Does anyone object to this? Any recommendations.

My budget would be under $200. If needed I will wait and save up for something a little bit more.

I am running a PC Windows 7 machine. 8GB of Ram, 1tb of hard drive space.

I also own, but never used it a Behringer XenyX 502 mixer. I bought this to fix a problem I had a year ago, but didn't return it in time. It has a premium 5-input 2-bus mixer with mic preamp and british eq. Does this do what I need? Is this anygood to use?

Thank you for your help.

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What do you guys think of the Native instruments Kontrol audio interface?

http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/pr oducer/audio-kontrol-1/?page=ak1_pricing&content=5 18

Actually, I am condsidering saving for this one. It seems cool.
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I would try recording from your mixer first, does it have USB, if not just plug it into your soundcard.
You'll need to adjust the levels on your soundcard. If you're happy with the quality no need to spend more.

I'm not sure if your budget will improve the quality by that much if you purchased a PC interface, there must be reviews and hopefully members here who have tried out many.

If you are going to record an album, it's worth it to save and get the best you can for your money

When I first set up, I used to record into a tape multi-tracker, the results were pretty good, nice analogue sound too.

Now I use a Pro Yamaha AW16g digital workstation to record all my audio stuff, and an Art Gold MPA tube microphone preamp. I use EzDrummer drum software via FL and master on Adobe audition 1.5. The quality IMO is excellent. It takes a while before you learn to get the best out of any equipment .
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