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This Winter Is For Myspace Musicians
I wanted to pass along some info about a new service we're offering at Hellofriendz that is geared towards teaching independent myspace artists how to effectively increase and promote their music and profile views. If you're not aware, Hellofriendz is the leading software product that caters to musician all over the world, who have an existance in myspace and wants to use myspace to promote their music across the globe.

Also, our 24x7 technical supporters at Hellofriendz Office will act as your personal advisers as they show you how to effectively promote and increase your music views and profile views in myspace featured artist chart. You can read much more on it's website [ hellofriendz(dot)com ]

We're also running a winter sale offer with the s/w where you can get 30% discount on every purchase of this s/w. We're giving 1500 hits free with the DEMO version of it, and we bet you surly love it if you have used it even once.You can also visit (here) to read the reviews and comments.

Hopefully this is the sort of thing that is of interest to you. We created it with independent musicians from all genres in mind. Feel free to ask any questions about the s/w or even it's utility and we'll gladly answer.

Thanks for reading.   
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United Kingdom
I know a great place for musicians too

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Id have to agree with you there denis...bandamp.com is quite a revolutionary place.
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