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Best computer components for music production
Hello everyone,

I am planning on building a new computer specifically for music production. Any advice on what to get so I can produce music with out any problems?

One problem I do have with my computer now is when I have a pad playing, my computer gets bogged down, crashes or plays at a very slow rate and starts crackling etc.

What Motherboard, CPU, Sound card, Video Card Etc. do you think I should buy to get the results I need?

Thank you very much for your time.
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I am not a pro but i am only going to tell you what i personally used when i upgraded my machine some two months ago. I bought a mother board with a 2.9ghz processor. I had a 40 gig hard drive yea it's small but i am saying the truth here and at first i bought 1gig RAM, i had problems because i wanted to try izotope's ozone 4 for mastering but the 1gig RAM was too small so, i bought another 1gig to make it 2gigs RAM.
Yea it works alright but i have a single processor so maybe i will buy another 1gig later cause these days it's better to have a dual core u know two processors.
I am still using my on board sound card cause i do not have a lot cash now but it's better to get something of a better quality maybe a 24 or 32 bit sound card with a lot of inputs and outputs depending on what you want to do.
On the video card i am still using the on board but i adjusted the settings a bit so that it won't take up too much memory. I am making music not video so, i am not very worried about picture quality. THere are some cards for two (dual) monitors if you are thinking of having a dual monitor set up on one computer. It's an advantage to have two monitors cause you won't have to flip pages back and forth you know you just open the other docable windows on other monitor.
Generally you need a more than 2.0ghz processor and lot's of memory (RAM).
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