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A friend gave me these usefull links to free VSTi's awhile back, I haven't tried the links for some time, but Marino said they were pretty good about a year ago, so here is a copy of the post I got:

 Here;s the url to PlugIndex.com - the place I download my VSTi freeware from. The site's in German, but its relatively easy to navigate all the same. Just click on the Download button and it will take you to the menu for VSTi's. Click on Instruments and it will take you to the instrument breakdowns by type (additive, Subtractive synths, Strings, etc.). The VSTi's are divided between freeware and what you ahve to pay for. Freeware on the left. Many of them have demos that you can listen to before you download.


Albino Demo - I've been using this one for about a year now. Some really interesting voices. You get a periodic burst of static with the demo, but not so often that you can't do mixdowns from the midi tracks.

ARP2600 VA - variant of the ARP2600V synth - not a demo http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=33;

KarmaFX synth - I use Karma a lot! Go the this website and DL version 0.96 http://www.karmafx.dk/

Motion 2.8 - I also use Motion frequently for sequencer needs http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=435;

AM TableSynth I DL'd the other day and have already used it in one composition http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=564;

Go here and DL GTG Sputnik2000 http://miksybrandt.panicnow.net/plugins.htm I use Sputnik a lot as well. Also some other VSTi's like drum programs & such if you use them.

Protoplasm for sure http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=476; I use it A LOT. The scratchy sounding voice in Souther Migration is the Laser Lame voice from this VSTi. Also DL STS24 http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=478; XWOF III http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=477; and LaserBlade http://www.plugindex.de/downloads/zeigePlugin?pl_id=339; Go here and get STS26 http://www.hgf-synthesizer.de/

Go here and get Cygnus-O. If you like the weird ambient sounds also get Chill and Gargoyle. http://www.krakli.co.uk/ I use Cygnus a bunch. Has one voice called KBD Space Organ that sounds like a spaced-out guitar to me that you will hear in much of my work. Lot's of space ambient voices.

Hope this helps some of you, I don't use plug-ins myself, probably will do one day????


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