#1December 4th, 2008 · 12:15 AM
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logic studio 8 / apogee ensemble ??????
I'm taking some multi media classes at a local community college in the spring.. They use pro-tools, logic pro studio 8, and final cut. with digidesign and apogee converters.. I have the mac using digital performer and motu interfaces.,
(check out the power trio it's what I'm hoping to be able to get)

  I am thinking of buying the apogee ensemble interface and logics studio 8.. I have heard that there is a noticeable difference and improvement over the motu stuff .  

Does anybody on here use this software?
or the apogee interface?

comments? help? suggestions?

I am going this route because I think we get a pro version of final cut when the class is finished, and it is considered industry tools, plus it will be the software that I will be using in school.

 If you have knowledge of these could you either leave comments here or pm me?
#2December 4th, 2008 · 07:47 AM
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I've no experience with this kit.

A studio producer suggested that a good quality pre-amp is best got recording live instruments, I purchased a relatively cheap one and got excellent results. I record onto a Yamaha AW16G workstation, the preamps on it are rubbish, but the new version, the AW1600 has good reviews, very hard to pick up second-hand.

I want to upgrade my kit soon, not sure if I should get a new PC or a new workstation.

Would love to hear the production on your new set-up and comments from other Ampers


#3December 4th, 2008 · 12:06 PM
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logic 8
I've messed about with a few programs over the years cubase , cakewalk,Yamaha XG.
I've started playing with Logic Express 8 a cut down version of Logic 8. It's very good although some bits like the drum sequencer seem a bit confusing to look at. Latencey can be a problem if to many. effects plug ins are loaded onto an instrument but play back fine!
I really like the look of Pro Tools even though I've never used it.It is an industry standard. A great site for info can be found here (see below) with a fantastic video tutorial on Pro Tools.
All the best good luck with your course, and keep posting the music it's good stuff.
#4December 4th, 2008 · 04:10 PM
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Using Logic pro 8.2 presently with leopard imac  but still just using an didgidesign  M Box usb interface , the latence is an issue always bumping the audio files a few frames to sync up .
Basic trick pull down level on track playback and source audio from direct input. Still should get grown up and at least go firewire but budget at present ....mmmm well less said the better.
Having said that tho it's a great program love the ultra beat drum machine drag and drop gooey is smooth the guitar rigs are cool and the keys , lovely organs with drawbars cab choice etc. , virtual instruments pretty good .
It has settings for digidesing firm ware tho haven't made use of it as yet.
They halved the price of logic 8 a few months ago and together with protools very tidy package.
Still goy my le protools 7.2 but all the plugins fell of when booted to the intel imac , previos ly used G4 mac powerbook which i loved and still take away when travelling.
 good luck with it mate hope to hear the fruits of your labours soon
#5December 4th, 2008 · 11:39 PM
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thanks for the information it helps... blakhatz do you have the soundtracker software with that logic pro ?
I was watching the dvd on all the new apple multimedia software and it looks pretty cool in the dvd all the upgrades and simplification of the processes.
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