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New Zealand
What to make of this combo?
(If I'm not meant to post the link I apologize, couldn't find anything about links in the rules)

That's all in New Zealand Dollars by the way.

Are they plain lying when they say "Hi see above 30w and loud like a 100w standard amp"
How can 30W be as loud as 100W? or do i not understand something

Also if the head is 30W, the speakers are 150w and 250w, does that mean that 430W is coming from the one power cord? (At peak volume)

In general whats your opinions? I bought one of their guitars, and it is really good, although maybe not quite as amazing as they would have you believe, but still well worth the money. (Nothing better for the price when your buying from New Zealand, as these are made here). so I would be paying $990 NZ for the combo due to the discount, which is considerably cheaper than $1600 for a peavey which is apparently similar.


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Well I have a 15watt tube amp and its louder than my friends non tube 75watt amp. (both have 12 inch speakers)
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1,600 seems like an inflated price for PV
I am not sure about the Lancaster amps.. I have heard of their pickups though.  The thing that I would look at is amp features.. How many channels. You might need more than a clean tone, most amps have clean, crunch and lead, at least, some have 4 channels plus lead channels.  EQ, if you have more than one channel amps with separate eq's for each channel seem to work best ( I have a Randall with great distortion sounds but only 1 eq the clean channel doesn't sound good with the same eq setting). 

Why by an expensive amp if a cheaper one will do as good a job......unless your just drawn to that particular amp and sound.
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Yeah not real experienced with this brand. But a Valve amp is going to be awesome loud, compared to a solid state. So, if you compare a 30w valve to a 100 watt solid state, your going to notice the solid state sounds a bit lacking.. That's because you can overdrive a valve amp more than a solid state amp. Once you start puching a solid state, it distorts BADLY.. whereas a valve amp can handle overdrive a bit more and wont distort until you get significantly over the rated output. So you can upwards of 60-65 watts fairly clean out of a 30 watt valve amp, and can even push it closer to the 100 before it gets to where you don't like it anymorewhereas a 100 watt solid state is only going to get close to 100 before it starts distorting, and if the speaker isn't super great, it wont even get 100... and most manufacturers font put the really great speakers in, so you only get about 80-85 really clean outta solid state.. That being said, unless your playing big loud venues without the aid of a mixer and pa, then do you really need a big amp?

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What jim said
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