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New Acoustic
So, fellers, I'm going to get myself a new acoustic guitar very soon.  I'm looking for some suggestions for a price range between $200-$300 ish.  I prefer not to go much more than that.  I also prefer to buy locally, so I guess I'm looking for names more than actual deals on a web page.

Any of you who know my style of music already (Like "You Fool") are free to take that into consideration for the kind of sound I'm after... This won't be a quiet little strumming guitar.  It'll be making noise, and I want something that sounds good when it makes noise   Fair enough? :P

Any initial suggestions?
#2November 25th, 2008 · 05:33 PM
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Your right, knowing you, and your style I might be so bold as to suggest the Hannah Montana Guitar by Washburn:

 Ok seriously...

 This Michael Kelley is a great value, and sounds and plays well:

Looks good too...

 This Yamaha is pretty sweet, though truthfully, it's more of a crap shoot on getting a good one than the Micheal Kelly..


For just plain sweeet looks, and action that is decent enough to handle a full night of playin hard, Try the Ibanez Quited ash..


 Stay away from Dean... They make great electrics, no doubt.. but lack a bit of QC on the acoustics they brand..

  Ahhh... Alvarez...  A name that inspires and rolls gently from the tongue..  Not the fanciest, but this is a tried and true performer...  Never a bad choice... The RD8

Here's a sweet pair of Epiphones.. A Dread and a Jumbo.. If you wanna make noise, these guys will deliver the goods...



And my personal favorite in that price range... A songwriter's delight... Plenty of punch and sparkle, and can sing in a whisper if you so desire, The Epiphone Dove.. This is in the higher end of the price range mentioned, but well worth a look...


  That's a lot to digest there....  But again, it's really in the feel...  Once you go, don't even be concerned over my or anyone else's recommendations.. Close your eyes, play it, feel it, the right one will speak to you..
              Hope that helps..
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I like the epiphone hummingbird acoustic or something
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jim...could you elaborate?...lmfao..man with acoustics its about what the naked ear hears and the hand feels
(...in my opinion..)..as i prefer to mic an acoustic.. some disagree im sure..BUT ..when your by the fire or on the beach..its you and the guitar..man you gotta go play em all..and wearin a blindfold aint a bad idea.
i have had countless accoustics over the yrs..beware the roundbacks..if your not used to them!
I once spent 1300 big ones on an ovation...hated it...I remeber when takamine came out...you could pick one up for couple hund...and have a nice guitar..if ya get rich....do yourself a favor and buy a "Guild"...
then buy me one!
hope this helps
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Best you go to your local shop and play all the guitars in your price range and pick the one you like.

If you like it, the music will be sweeter.

I've got an old EKO Ranger V1, which gets a lot of stick from critiques, but I like it and it likes me.

Happy twangs

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Yeah I dont really liek the shape or feel of ovations either. I guess it just depends on what you are used to.
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Sometimes an off brand will work fine... a couple of years ago I was looking for another acoustic guitar. I went to guitar center, and several other stores , some specializing in classical and A/C guitars.  I stopped in at a little store that had a very well known luthier working out of their shop at times... He had a Silvercreek acoustic that he had worked on..... I played the others in the store but kept coming back to that guitar.. looked around some more. long story but I bought the Silvercreek (it was the one he suggested great guitar for the low price).

I still have it , I play it daily, it sounds great and still is one of the best playing acoustics I have ever owned..

which is saying something cause I have had  custom Yari( alveres) a martin D45 to play on (didn't own). and one of the better Ibanez acoustics, that I just traded off. (notice I got rid of the more expensive Ibanez and kept the Silvercreek). 

You need to shop , shop , shop, look around check out used guitars (especially from Individuals or AC guitar builder/luthiers).

my 2 cents
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Well, thank you everyone for the input.  It helped out a bit, and of course, in the end, it just comes down to what feels good to me.

After a bit of local browsing, and given some sales and my budget, I thought I'd let you all know that I bought a Fender Sonoran.


It's action was similar to the one of the guitar I previously owned, so it felt comfortable pretty quick.  It's an acoustic-electric, but I'll honestly be using it more as a mic'd acoustic than anything.  The electric part was just a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

I hope to be sharing some music with the community again the near future, without dropping the rewrite project, of course

Thanks for the tips, everyone.

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very nice.. fender has some fine acoustics.  lots of people are under the assumption that you have to purchase a breedlove or taylor (nothing wrong with these guitars as they are extremely nice, just to expensive). If you look around and aren't hung up on names............ you can find a great guitar for a fraction of the cost.
#10November 29th, 2008 · 07:19 PM
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I have wondered about those Fenders... They have the electric type neck, so it's a bit more narrow than I like on an acoustic, but looks pretty cool...  Congrats dude!

   can't wait to hear the obligatory sound clips and review...

#11January 23rd, 2009 · 10:11 AM
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Art & Luthiers are a pretty good little guitar.....Seagulls too.  good value for the money.

& Buzz......i never cared much for Ovations either.  dunno.....they didn't "feel" right....the rounded back body just irritated me. 

However, on the No Quarter, UnLedded DVD.....Page is playing a double neck one....1984 issue I think.  He makes it sing & sure looks like he's enjoying himself.  so...what do I know?

Used to have a Fender.....liked it well enough.

I know this is an old thread...TonightsLastSong?  you buy one yet?

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