#1June 13th, 2007 · 07:54 PM
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BandAMP needs a rehaul
BandAMP is in my personal opinion one of the best communities on the 'net. Do you realize how much talent we have here? The Admins have done a great job of building that community, but it feels like its time for some changes.

1) Fix the ****ing battles. This is the staple of the site!
     * Hold it every two months. That way we can have a larger collection of songs. Also, don't allow songs submitted before the battle's start date to be entered.
     * Require users to vote for a song for every 10 posts they make in other forums.
     * Allow voting on non-battle songs for feedback.
     * Allow viewing of a song's average rating when a) not entered in a battle b) in the middle of battle, not just when the battle ends.

2) Split up the site!
     * The whole song threat/forums integration seems like a hack to me. It feels like lyrics/songs should be seperated from the forums. And they should have more special features than just the normal forums (when you submit a song there could be a textbox for inspiration, lyrics&chords, then comments). Also you should be able to submit songs and mark them as "incomplete" and these should be separate from "complete" songs.

3) New design!
     * Something lighter on the eyes, more space, more color. I mocked this up: 
        I did it real quick so look at in in firefox to see the way I intended it to be, IE fixes will come later if the admins want to talk about it.

Admins, I'll help with PHP, mysql, HTML,CSS coding; the works (if you need help).

BandAMP has soooo much potential. Why are we wasting it with a halfbroken, old system? The reason people aren't voting is because a) the battle system really is USELESS it is so broken and b) the site doesn't have the best UI it could.

Congrats to starting the site, building the community, hacking together a really brilliant forum system...now let's make it better.
#2June 14th, 2007 · 02:09 PM
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I quite like the colour schemes. Looks alright. Also, i haven't been around long enough, to get to know about the battles and stuff, so i can't comment about that.

I think we had this discussion, when i joined about a year ago, where you could search through all the songs, for a particular genre. Can we do that? Maybe, when you upload a song, you have three drop-down categories of genre (Cos' some songs don't fit into one!) And then when you're listening to music, you can search for other songs of that genre. Kinda like Pandorra.
#3June 14th, 2007 · 05:07 PM
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Zach - Hear! Hear!

But I like the lay-out, it's quite unique and not 'blog' like and also not 'forum' like just like bandAmp like! 
#4June 15th, 2007 · 02:40 PM
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I think if we split the site up into genres we would see even less voting, not to mention a further segregation of the already overly clique'ish community we have.
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