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Should I continue?
I've hit the point where I suspect a lot of older guys who once had garage bands or maybe even a gigging band with some success have to make that decision on packing the gear up to put it away forever or continue to keep doing something musical in their lives. I'm 42. I've never done anything significant with music, but I have been playing since I was 15. I just spent the 30 days of September putting together one piece of music a day just to get it out of my head and documented somewhere, but I haven't had much of an audience and zero comments that can help answer the question: Should I bother to continue?

If anyone here can check out PANDASBAD on Youtube, I would appreciate any kind of feedback. It can be supportive or downright "anonymous internet comment cruel", but I'm really floating in purgatory here and any comments would help.

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Hello and welcome to bandAMP.

You won't get much response from YouTube unless you have a Fan Base or your music is the best thing since sliced bread. The best advice I can give speaking from the older generation is to play for love of it and for your self enjoyment. So if you love playing music you should continue.....
bandAMP is a small community of musicians who predominantly upload original compositions.  It's a bit quieter than normal here on bandAMP, but generally if you upload your music here you will receive some comments and perhaps suggestions on how to improve - There are some talented members here always willing to help others.
If you have any original music or covers upload them here, all we ask you to do is review three members songs for each upload, that way everyone has a chance to get heard and spoken for.

Best wishes
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Thanks. I just joined bandamp today so I will take the opportunity to get involved with reviews and uploads. I had just mentioned the ol' tube because I had uploaded there to have a place to point folks toward as I did that project in September.

I'm looking forward to getting acclimated with bandamp. Thank you for the nice welcome!
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Hi Great Panda, welcome to bandamp.
I've been doing some youTubing recently, been watching gta5 videos ... at a certain point there's more screaming "like me" than there is video content.

Why dont you upload your stuff to bandamp, suss out how to show your youtube video on the page and get a fairly decent conversation going.
If your good, people will say so, if your not, around here you'll usually get some helping comments.

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I'm neither your age nor have I been playing and making music as long as you, but I've gone the last several years playing music to myself in my bedroom for a variety of reasons. The days of high school and college, when I had free time, jammed with a band, played a few gigs, and had time to sit on my porch with eight people and play guitars and sing till the sun came up are far behind me.

Still, though, I play something everyday. Sometimes I record, sometimes I don't. But I just play for myself. That's enough for me. If you can get yourself to that place, maybe it will be enough for you, too.

Nevertheless, put your music up here! I'll check you out on YT as well.
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Unless your suffering from RA, why quit, it cost you nothing to continue  playing, and enjoying music.

never let age be a factor in doing the things you like to do. as long as you physically can do them.
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