#1July 19th, 2012 · 03:16 PM
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Google Chrome
I've been using Firefox for my main browser for a couple of years now and really pleased with it, but I've tried out Google Chrome and I must say it's cool, it work great on bandAMP displays everything correctly and it's the fastest browser I've used so far. Not had any problems so far -  I'd say for the moment it's No 1.
#2July 19th, 2012 · 11:52 PM
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I've been using google chrome and a lot of the other google apps,  for quite awhile now.. I think it is a very stable browser and very fast,.. if you keep it streamlined, and turn off all the extensions and crap you don"t need.
#3September 21st, 2012 · 11:38 AM
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Cymru (Wales)
Here too ... used FireFox for years ... still do sometimes, but because of malvertising pop-ups I use Chrome now for most of my surfing.

It could be the Conduet bandAmpBar I have installed or any other dodgy Flash app, I even thought it was Google Update for a while but even after scanning my system with the latest Malwarebites I STILL get the bloody popups from the BBC and Wikipedia and a few other high ranking sites. Every one of them about:blank that redirect to virus laced sites.... if and when the redirect comes through my AV stops it but it's just no fun any more surfing with FF
Yes I have popups blocked but they still come through , the BBC told me they dont do advertising so it must be on my system ... any road Chrome performs well , quick and slick

The most frustrating (and interesting) thing though is how little there is about the subject on-line
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