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Bandamp Goodiesss!!
hi everyone. we all love bandamp and so i guess its our "duty":roll:  to promote the site haa ha haaa.

don't know if this idea has been posted here before but maybe its time for Bandamp start giving away goodies like wallpapers, banners, buddy icons......screensavers....who knows what. 

wallpapers, like the speaker head guy with the guitar in hand on the Bnadamp home page will do....

banners linking the site is a very good idea as many users on bandamp have their own sites or are part of communities like my-space etc which allow banners.....

and the possibilities are endless.  

                     LONG LIVE BANDAMP

i humbly make my bow in gratitude

just wondering if mud has the time for nonsense like this

#2December 5th, 2006 · 07:58 AM
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I like this idea a lot, bandAmp members could even submit banners, wallpaper, screen-savers etc they make themselves and the best could be used.

Why not start a specific thread where we could post our own banners/icons etc and see where it goes?
Things like screen-savers would have to be hosted somewhere else and linked too from that page.
There would eventually have to be some input by Mud if it picks up, but not initially.

I have already been trying to make a bandAmp icon for my own web space.

My only concern is that it doesn't make bandAmp a 'flashing' 'in your face' banner site, though I don't believe that the members would allow that to happen anyway.

To quot PX from another thread :
"I can't stand forums full of ads and messy signatures with too many colours on way too big pictures, ten times as large as the actual forum post...."

Too much 'bling' can indeed make it messy, and just like any other site on the web.
At the moment bandAmp is a very special place. And I think that it's the accessibility and simplicity of the site that does that.
And the members of course 
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Keep it simple
Personally, I prefer the low key, community nature of this site, and it is pretty wonderful. If someone wants to put 'bling' in the content of their blog, etc. no worries, but let's not confuse this wonderful community with the horror show that is known as myspace (which is owned by News Corp = Rupert Murdoch).

#4December 5th, 2006 · 05:57 PM
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I was just about to write the exact same thing as jefferson... lucky i read his post just before i was about to write my post...

I too prefer the "unique" and individuality of this site.
Considering its a non-profit site... why would we want to expand it and start putting banners everywhere... ?

Banners are rather annoying and like mentioned make threads look very messy. There is no need for banners unless we want to expand the site, there really isn't much of a need to want to expand the site if it is non-profit.

It will slow, organically expand by itself like it has been... that's fine as it is organic... lets just leave it alone, enjoy it and make music.
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keeping it simple
hey guys thanks for responding.

yes Bandamp is a unique site and does have its individuality. and i am glad that the site is not in a mess with people just drooling all over the place.

i came to know about bandamp through a small banner on a tab site, and i thank goodness that i found the site......i am a proud use of bandamp and thus to show how much i like it and what i stand for and thus would like to put a really very small banner on my site that's all......we don't have to go about beating the drum and playing the trumpet to let every 'harry' know about the site.

a good thing about bandamp is that only the genuine users stay on bandamp those who come to fool around end up getting bored in a short time and eventually leave....think that's why the site is still up and running.....i am gladden by the fact that bandamp is not like myspace where people can do a lot of fooling around and create problems.

i am sure members want bandamp wallpapers on their desktop..... 

like the idea kings gave about members submitting their own stuff. 

i hope the site stays the way it is now for a long time to come.....non flashy and non messy........

                              LONG LIVE BANDAMP

cheers everyone
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Let me be the first to submit my Banner...  I made this in 5 minutes....  so it isn't super... but it's pretty ok..

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cool man now that's what we are talking about:D.........good starter...........glad to see its gone well down the throat.

                           LONG LIVE BANDAMP          
#8December 6th, 2006 · 11:05 AM
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Isn't this already a banner/signature?

This is the code that puts the logo on you'r page :

You'll have to write this out, it's a picture!  

I like the idea of making a banner or two for the site,

JimK, are those the only two iconic subjects bandAmp has? Can we create some new ones?

Chill wrote…
It will slow, organically expand by itself like it has been... that's fine as it is organic... lets just leave it alone, enjoy it and make music.

Isn't part of growing, becoming more accessible to more people as they enter; first time guitarists, singers, poets, lyricists, blogists, PC composers, pianists, didgeridooists,......any musical'ists you can think of? 

I do find that there could be more going on, this is a 24 / 7 world and this is a MUSIC site!

It doesn't need to change it's appearance, but it could do with some more people around sometimes

#9December 9th, 2006 · 05:34 AM
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I've been making a few icons and pictures with links.
You can right click an image and Save as...
or left click an image to open a page where you can copy and paste the codes to put that image on your own page, with a link to bandAMP :

- this ones from the homepage
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