#1June 29th, 2006 · 09:25 PM
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file sender on band amp
i think band amp should be able to send files to other band amp memberers. im haveing anawful time trying to send a vocal attachment by mail becaue yahoo and others dont exept any thing over 10.mb and i cant get gmail. im sure there are otheres out there who feel the same way because it has come up in chat quite a few times, please take it into consideration
paper doll
#2June 30th, 2006 · 07:13 AM
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well, that is the problem...

   for a site like this to allow that, it would open up a door for virus's and hackers...

     personally I don't want that... if the file is over 10 megs...  You can use msn messenger, skype, or even yahoo messenger.... as long as both parties have one of them... If not, well then, there is http://www.sendthisfile.com/  THat will work, you upload the file, and they send an email to the other person telling them it's ready... the other person then can go download it...

      you can even sign up for a free webpage through any number of sites, and can upload it to your webpage, then whoever you want can just download it from there...
                 So, there are a few ideas....
#3July 1st, 2006 · 06:04 AM
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thanks jim
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