#1October 19th, 2009 · 06:03 AM
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I really think that Bandamp dies sooner or later. And I don't think a rebuilding with a new face is good enough to place a website. All functions are present. But noone is linked or directed to this place. There are only two hands full of members who use these functions. Compared with the quantity of independant musicians round the www this is NOTHING.

The interests of the most of the members are gone.

But I deeply believe in one way out of the world wide crisis: We have to add some commercials/advertisings like Google ads or so. Just to bring it back to the top of the list and make it more popular. More and more members leave this site.

So... do you think that at least adverts are the right tool to popularize this site at last?

and at least I have thank present members to keep the faith.

Tell me what you think

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#2October 19th, 2009 · 02:13 PM
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Getting the word out , spreading the bandAmp.com name/link, like a religion or a record company, that will populate the forums,
Having a working site will make those populations stay, a bit like Age of Empires !!

If you want adds, why dont we put a column of links that are made to look like adds (making it look successful) but have them linked to members trade pages.....a bit like the 'marketplace forum' idea but then as google look-a-like adds  

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#3October 19th, 2009 · 02:14 PM
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Why not give it a try, see how it goes!!

So how do we get it going, is that something you could do?


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