#1October 3rd, 2007 · 08:11 PM
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ok so ive been brainstorming ways to get the battels rearing again
i know their broke for the moment, but even before this not many people were voting
i came up a cute idea to you know, get some exitement in the voting area again
im going to make band amp dolls for the first and second place winners of every monthly battel
now i know not every one would like a doll so ive decided to make it a bit more fun than it sounds

i'm letting the winners design their own dolls. the first place winner will recieve a two foot doll, and a the 2nd place winner will reaceive a one foot doll,

u may custamise any of the fallowing:

-hair color (this can be multi color)
-hair style
-nose (color syle etc)
-skin color (u may also choose multie colors (like sally from nightmare x-mas)
-eyes (how many, weather u want them to be sown on, or buttons, colors eyelashes and eyeborws)
-mouth (shape, size, color, numbers, and such.)
-clothes (shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, etc)
-clothing patterns and colors
-shoes (color stye and others)

every doll will have a music note where the heart should be and u may shoose the color of it.

dolls like to be diffrent from one another. so dont make them look that boring! if u want a green cyclops with four arms go for it! use ur imagination! have fun with it! possibilites are limitless!
the dolls will be sent about one month after a battel is won depending on the coplexity of the doll. i will worry about shipping and handelling for as long as i can, so u wont have to worry about any thing like that.

once u have won a battel i will pm u threw bandamp with a form of the above list wich u are required to fill out, and send back to me so that i may go buy the suplies and material needed.


like i said have fun with it! have fun with ur music! incourage people to vote and particapate! its fun!!!!!!!!
thanks u guys!
i would luv feed back and or questions u have!
--queen of the dolls
#2October 3rd, 2007 · 09:12 PM
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Pap! This is so awesome of you!  Its people like you, stepping up, that make this place home.  There are alot of vampires out there that sit back and suck reviews, etc. outta this place.  Its refreshing to see someone giving back, like you and Meow!  Great job!  The second the battle is fixed, im entering!  I WANT one of those dolls!!!!!
#3October 4th, 2007 · 05:35 PM
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Pretty nice, and want a chucky like doll =p with a guitar mounted on it =p. That would be pretty cool
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