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Comments on Lyrics
Just lately, I've noticed how a lot of the lyrics threads go unnoticed, without a single comment. Without these comments, how will these people improve their songwriting skills, so they can develop their songs into more than just instrumentations. I think that the posts for non-instrumental songs put in the audio review should also have a matching thread in the lyrics review, so that people can focus on their lyric writing skills, and so that people will pay more attention to the lyrics in the song.

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Well, this is mostly up to the people browsing this site. The lyrics review forum is much younger than the audio review, and in my personal case I post the lyrics with the songs as I upload them (or post them later on in the song thread - a good excuse to bring a song back up in the forum if I feel like it). To me, and I'm sure to a lot of others, it's not interesting to have my lyrics reviewed specifically, and I hardly ever feel inclined to comment to other people's lyrics unless I deem them particularly good or interesting. The reason: even the most ridiculously corny / incohesive / political incorrect lyrics could work when put to the right music, and let's face it many of em are. To yours truly's humble opinion that is... Also I feel even less inclined to comment to lyrics to show off my comprehensive reading skills... After all - as I've noticed - chances are likely such a comment won't be understood to it's full extent anyhow.

So... "should have a matching thread in the lyrics review", if an artist wants to, but this is a matter of choice.
And... getting no comments to a set of lyrics is a signal in itself. People are indifferent to them... This can be good or bad... Unfortunately it is hard to say whether people are actually ambivalent, indifferent or simply ignoring them deliberately... So.... yeah.... But I've seen a number of lyrics that came with no introduction. What am I supposed to do with those? Posting a little bit of context is a big plus when it comes to having people review your material... So in the end - who is really responsible for drawing sufficient attention to one's lyrics?

I do agree that the artists profile pages could use a "lyrics" tab in there. But that's about it...
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I understand and see your comments, and I find myself asking for too much, maybe, what I would like to see is more attention given to that particular forum, but that would probably work out anyways if the lyrics tab (which has its own forum in ideas and feedback, thanks to kine    )

Although your comment "who is really responsible for drawing sufficient attention to one's lyrics?" is quite fair, but it wouldn't hurt for other ampers to check out new lyrics once in a while, as the people who post it generally would like a response, i think one amper, can't remember who, sorry... was worried about the style in which their songs were written, so I think, just a reminder, or something to bring attention to this forum would do a lot of good.

Also "should have a matching thread in the lyrics review", yeh, I can't really do much about that.

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Lyrics should at least have a top-page tab, but I've said this before.
It would fit with the creative/non-aggressive nature of the site and the very fact that lyricsfreak.com is a sister site to bandAmp.

I could agree and disagree to most arguments, but the truth remains that at such a place as bandAmp there are people who find the lyrics as important as the music, and another reality is that 99% of all songs that are considered complete and, dare I say it, popular have some form of lyrics, which do most of the time make sense!

How often do you read 'cool song, please post the lyrics?' or 'excellent instrumental, got any lyrics?' in the song comments at bandAmp, this shows that lyrics do make a song and are an important part of the creativity that works through this site.
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Terrible advice for musicians
If you want to hear some really BAD advice, I suggest you give this a whirl:

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