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United Kingdom
Biffy Clyro are number one!
So happy that Opposites is number one!! So to celebrate here are the awesome band


So Happy!!
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Cymru (Wales)
Hi Sarahbb
OK so you've started hanging out a little at bandAMP ... this is very cool .... and I'm so glad that you're happy ... again.
I cant help thinking that in your enthusiasm you seem to miss a few fundamental points ....

1. Bandamp is a site for Independent Artists to upload and discuss their work and others work .....
   What are your happy links all about ?
2. This is the Video Review , a place for member artists to show off their work ...... by using the special code
   Again ... what's with the links ?
3. It is true I must admit that if you are a settled member you can upload/link to other material and yes we are usually OK with that ..... But who is Sarahbb ?

Any way ........

I'm moving all your bloody links to Events if I haven't already done so

If you have some / any thing to contribute PLEASE DO  ..... otherwise do not post any more of these youTube links to 'other artists' on bandamp.com again.

It's not what this place is about ..... if you have not noticed.
#3February 5th, 2013 · 06:27 AM
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Cymru (Wales)
Had to edit last post ..... I bet your a lovely human being ..... and I'm sure you also understand the internet is full of people and machines posting links and never really contributing something meaningful.

Get involved it's only way to make things happen !     
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