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EnviroTechnics Environmental Spoken word by Munzy (video)
Please check out our first video. A spoken word, a truly intriguing and motivating performance by Munzy of EnviroTechnics. Munzy shares with us the truth and defiance we as human beings have brought upon the environment and nature. Our ultimate goal as EnviroTechnics is to promote sustainability of the environment and help define avenues for m youth development. help us affect the people and spread this positive message. Please feel free to comment and share our video as we really appreciate it. Also expect plentiful supply of content from us in the up and coming weeks with a variety of videos such as spoken words, hip hop songs and indie rock all performed by Munzy which will include collaborations with different artist. We are really excited about what we have to offer, join us on our adventure and follow us on:
Instagram: EnviroTechnics


EnviroTechnics Environmental Spoken word by Munzy (video)
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Yea, your doing your thing for sure .... I'm still moving you to Events
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You can still upload your stuff to bandAmp ... it's a presence and you get it reviewed, for all to see ....
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