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Cayman Islands
the game is about to begin
Golden wavy hair, it is the end of the tips of the hair is a graceful woman of the Inspector-owned.

Carlo Lena wore a brown chiffon sleeveless halter shirt today, the chest folds vertical swing when she bent down, inadvertently exposed a little chest of scenery

The lower part of the body can only cover a Kankan the hip line white skirt, waist-belt hanging from a silver chain she added a bit of texture.

The skirt not cover Carlo Paulina two rounded slender long legs

At this point, she was lifted his right leg, bending the left leg before in order to take off the right foot on the high-heeled sandals.

Perhaps there are countless ways woman showing off sexy, woman bending over a charming faded inadvertently reveals high heels, but Chen Xi seems, is the most sexy

Carlo Lena drink a lot of wine is flush with a trace of some little drunk face and body the daytime catwalk with a bit tired.

Seems Chen Xi, Carolina seemed like a busy day, dragged his exhausted body home wife ...

Trance, Carlo Lena had taken off her feet, a pair of sandals, Chen Xi ready for her turn has put on shoes.

See Chen Xi is peering trance, staring at her and do not know how, she was suddenly a hi, then walked in front of Chen Xi's slightly bowed, then feminine Chen Xi said: "I have nothing special it? "

"Very special uh, nothing ..." Chen Xi This pressure of cross God, found himself some gaffe.

"You look at what is it?" Carlo very satisfied with Lena Chen Xi performance, such a beautiful woman dressed not to attract men's attention? While it is uncertain whether the two something will happen, ,but Chen Xi eventually made her a good impression of the man

"Uh, huh, huh, do not stand in the door, come in and sit down. Well, Your Juice" by others find yourself Toumiao the her, after all, not a glorious thing, Chen Xi smart choice of the subject.

Carlo Lena also found some ambiguous atmosphere, and her mind may be some discrepancies. So she is Stern, enter the living room, took Chen Xi delivery to the juice and sat down on the sofa in front of the TV

At this time, Chen Xi was noted mystery Carlo Lena clothes.

This dress is not just a sleeveless, ,simply droop in the chest only a piece of cloth covered chest sex thing.

Carlo Lena shiny jade back under her blond ambiguous story unfolds in the eyes of Chen Xi from the side even With Carlo Paulina walking, Chen Xi can vaguely see Carlo Lena chest rise amid ......

In the end models, wearing clothes to feel is different ah

"We started it," Carlo Lena then interrupted the Chen Xi Some thieves looking Toumiao.

Start? Began what? "Chen Xi hear Carlo Lena's words, the brain suddenly appear charming scene ...

I saw Carlo Lena faded body is the last piece of cloth, lying in bed static hook the hook fingers Xi Chen said: "We started it ..."

Kick live or do you think why do I come to your house? "Carlo Lena answered interrupted Xi Chen YY.

Nima today is how? Is it because arrived in Italy have not tried meat Sichun up? Chen Xi heart cursed Road. Hands but is open TV and PS machine, a handle and gave it Carlo Lena.

Carlo Lena because the sake of wearing a short skirt, right leg resting on his left leg to prevent flashing, the Chen Xi slippers ready for her playful in her feet dangling.

Obviously, the game is about to begin, she is very confident

Chen Xi's PS2 inside has been put latest live football eight, so boot it directly into the game after the standby screen.

Came to Milan, Chen Xi did not fall on live football drills, as is the ability to get rid of the ravages of fate Carlo Lena.

Chen Xi has live eight manual editing, he has also been a move to Inter. So naturally he chose Inter Milan.

Perhaps against and Chen Xi, Carlo Lena direct election of the AC Milan team.

In this way, the two staged a game Milan derby

In all fairness, this season, AC Milan squad than Inter Milan or relatively luxurious ones.

Especially in the game, and the face of absolute data, the overall data of the star-studded AC Milan slightly stronger than Inter Milan.
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re: the game is about to begin
Well you better keep on running then ....

Links removed , moving post so I can read this shit later

O! yea and a warm and hearty fuck off wanker from bandamp
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Sorry let me just translate that for you ..... 他妈的关闭  老 手淫
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kings wrote…
Sorry let me just translate that for you ..... 他妈的关闭  老 手淫

So that we can all understand - thought this would be nice gesture:

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OK had 10 minutes to read this shit ... it starts off as a build up to some porn piece but veers off into playing PSP football !!??

And what the fuck is "At this point, she was lifted his right leg, bending the left leg before in order to take off the right foot on the high-heeled sandals"  .... are we talking Fembots here or what ? Or something from the Kamasutra
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