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JAMES BOND theme using JUST the VOICE
Hi guys. I wanted to share with you my last experiment: A version of the James Bond theme just using the voice line:

No REAL instruments. No SAMPLE Libraries. No virtual SYNTHS.

ALL the sounds&Instruments that you hear has been created tweaking and modifying that single sentence with Kontakt in Protools.

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As easy as it would be ... and believe me I do want to ... I am not going to click your link.

For the very reason that you've not taken in anything that you've seen while being at this site .... let me explain briefly : This is the Audio Review ... upload your song/work, it will come up here, the rest of the world gets to hear and comment ....
It is a video ... we have a video review forum .... where you can insert your code and bingo you have a whole video review page of your own ....

So thats also why I'm moving you to our obscure Events forum

 .... would still love to hear what you have to offer ... post it properly.
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