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Online presence and promotion for your music
This is my first post here, so HELLO and thank you for letting me (a newb) post on your


I am an electronic music producer, web-designer and an internet marketer.

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I started offering a unique service to independent musicians, where I prepare EVERYTHING you may need to start selling your music online. That includes:

- website
- logo
- social media set up and promotion
- bio/reviews
- press releases
- article submission
- photo editing
- mastering
- album artwork
- EPK/onesheet

All of it is bundled up into an inexpensive package any indie musician can afford. Everything is done by team of VERY talented writers, graphic designers, sound engineers and developers. 

Check out the website of my latest client: http:// acallowinstance com/

Everything on that site was done by my company except for album artwork.

To view prices and turnarounds, please visit my site:

http:// bandpresence com/

If you're skeptical about my prices (I know they're really low), you can call me or even meet with me if you live in Chicago. The contact info is on my site.

I'm all about helping independent musicians like myself and I happen to have some free time on my hands, so I do this not so much for profit but more for the personal satisfaction.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my client's iTunes sales or number of fans increase. I already have a handful of very happy customers and will be happy to provide more references upon request.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.
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And a big HELLO to you too ... but then more of a Hello what have we here then .....

All sounds good .... I'm sticking you somewhere else for safe keeping .....

You could listen to some of the bands hosted here on bandAMP and then directly offer them your ticket ... if you think they could do it of course ... but then that's what the Audio Review is for
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