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Kelly Rowland - Motivation Remake
Please review this and let me know. Most people say its good and some people say its bad, I really need to know the truth and also any pointers on whats wrong with it. Im not just looking for "it sucks" or anything.


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Hello lildrezy,

Welcome to bandAMP.

In this audio review section you would need to upload your mp3, which can be done on your home tab>music section. Then you will be able to receive feedback form the members.

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Yea! This is the other one ... OK, third time lucky .... you've been told in your thread and you've received a PM about it .... this is the Audio Review, as Denis quite respectfully has explained, where your songs appear once uploaded from your 'home pages'.

This is not a forum for direct youTube links to .... something else!

And again, your not listening .... bandAMP people, the larger part of any way, do not just write "it sucks", that's not what were here for, none of us ... AND ... you can use the 'youTube button' to create a code to display a video ... if you dont know how to use it , ask , look , listen ... use your nous !
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