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Fleet Foxes? Local Natives?
Fans of Local Natives and Fleet Foxes, check out Ivan & Alyosha:
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I find it hard to believe
With respect sharlenelaura but "Sell music online" ????
98% of material up on itunes has never been touched so if you have songs up there and only 1 has been downloaded once for money then you are in he lucky 2% along with lady gaga and the beatles.
 there are now so many sites offering similar service to what you mention above ..reverbnation ,soundclick,tunecore ++ etc etc the list is infinite
.Is it just me or  is no one  selling in reailty ?

Recently in the UK over a long w/e youtube had over a billion hits on music, none of which translated into sales via any of the retail platforms.
Platforms are making money via streaming and free downloads but this isn't finding it's way to artists.

Download free music is the mantra via social networking sites  with the added bonus of your email inbox  filling up with "Check me out check me out hey look at me " junk mail.
But not to leave on a down note these guys have done really well though .


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