#1April 23rd, 2009 · 06:20 PM
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Vid from the Vaults E.J live PINBALL WIZ
from 1991 , a national TV show the BIg Gig, recorded  Melbourne.
Elton Jack an 8 piece band on the road ,2 drummers ,guitar,synth , piano  horns, and Becky Johnson on bass , totally awesome player and the voice of doom.
Jeremy Blakhatz is in yellow and the other drummer Mr Trevor White rose to stardom here in OZ playing Jesus in the Harry M Miller produced "JC Super Star' in the early 70s, with Marcia Hienz and Jon English. .
Trevs  musical pedigree is legendary he worked with some of the sacred ones . 
Thankfully managed to salvaged these videos and am the process of chopping them into bite size chunks for youtube.
They span  1990 >1996 , the hay day of this genre , by that I mean Tribute Bands.
Ironically it was during the recession we had to have but there was plenty of work for musos. Pre internet hahaha.

Backstageoz available on bhtz youtube site.

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Puerto Rico
Geez..That was wicked matey...Saw you jamming on the keys..Nice vid...Awesome performance
#3April 24th, 2009 · 01:29 AM
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That was great, that tight bass slapping was quite impressive, it took the most of my attention while watching the video. Looks like you guys had a great time!
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3 part ej europe tour completed
This is s road doco shot by our manager Tim May 1996 three parts on youtube now.
It;s first public airing on youtube ...we were hoping to make a tv pilot......Tim always thought big , now living in Thailand central.
Originally on hi 8 format transfer to vhs then dvd back to digi tape and into computer .
You'd think with that many bumps it would fall to pieces but it holds up well.
Our band elton jack ...still standing so can claim to be a working musician lol.
Pru delightful fem singer is in Nashville now 7 years , the rest of us scattered around the globe.
What you see and hear as live performance is just that , live, it's been an honor to have such companions and top muso mates.

please enjoy
greg blakhatz

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