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Told people so Well I really do believe that USB has a lot more future than BlueRay or whatever silly CD- or HD-spinoff or card-type medium whatsoever. USB is popping up everywhere. It's not without reason called "UNIVERSAL..." and thats right about at what other media fails (epically). Although theyre still trying to shove BlueRay down the throats of the populace, it's not gonna last much longer. "Stick media" will win because it's way more resilient and durable and.. universal... and much cheaper to produce and everyone with a usb input on their computer (about 99.99% of all computer users) will be able to plug in and play...

Ha ha ha
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AHEM thats freaking retarted (not what puppetxeno said...just the link)

I guess I could grow to like it, but those are gonna be big and bulky and I like cds...

and heck if I want my music on a USB stick I can rip the cds and just put the ripped files on there.
i dont think this is gonna take off
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