#1August 15th, 2005 · 02:32 PM
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This song is not in a battle

This is the first song tht i ave uploaded. It is an istrumental i wrote wen i was bored. Please give constructive crictism. hope u enjoy.

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#2August 15th, 2005 · 02:53 PM
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Plz say wat u think about the song nething so tht i can try to improve it so tht it reaches it full potential. ty
#3August 18th, 2005 · 09:36 AM
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Playing wise: It is an interesting idea you have gone for, with the recurring simple lead on the left and the palm muted guitar. It also shows with your lead playing (currently on the right) that you are currently trying to experiment. It seems that you are actually in the right scale for the piece.

However, what lets this down big time is not the melody. It is not the scale, the chords, anything like that. It is timing and structure.

My advise to you would be the old adage 'learning to walk before you run'. Practise your timing with a metronome, and get it *tight*. The timing of the notes you play are as important as the notes themselves.

Production wise: The guitars have a nice wide sound. However, the levels are amiss. Also, I think that the lead guitar should most definitely be in the centre, and the palm muted guitar should be panned right - not the other way around as it is now. Also, I would recommend a little compression to make the levels sound tighter.

I think this has promise, and I would like to hear it re-recorded when you have practised it to its potential and recorded it with rigid timing. It would also be nice to hear you expand the concept in terms of structure from a repetitive idea to a full track

Keep at it, and I look forward to hearing more...
#4August 19th, 2005 · 01:39 PM
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TY for the comments i will try to make sure tht i do get the full out of this song in the ways u ave hilighted.

TY Again
#5August 19th, 2005 · 03:15 PM
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an old jazz kat once told me (as I'm sure he told countless others)

"a wrong note in the right groove is still the right note"

so I'd like to re-iterate what DaveUK said about the importance of rhtym... which is: rhythm is important... in fact, rhythm is king... you should really work on your rhythm in regards to lead playing. Getting a tight well felt out rhythm will do wonders for your sound...

also just practice practice practice your lead playing... a LOT... it takes a lot of work to become an expressive soloist who can really tug on the strings of emotion and pull a listener into the song... keep working

anyway... good shot... keep aiming at that target and sooner or later you'll hit it... just matters whether you can hit it again intentionally

also... try not to write out of boredom... if that's the reason you're playing music then that's how the music is gonna sound: it'll sound like you're bored and you don't care... and that's kinda how this sounds

if you don't have the emotion at that moment... just create it...

"how" you ask?

wax enthusiastic and you'll soon feel so...  force yourself to frown and you'll soon be frowning... force your self to smile and you'll soon find something to smile about...

don't beleive me? just try it
#6August 20th, 2005 · 05:24 PM
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NOt bad at all.... I like what you are doing here....this is great....I agree with the others that the timing is a killer, Kind of my downfall too.... But I work much harder on my timing right now, and less on my lead... I figure, I can always get one of my friends to play lead for me...  I mixed sound and did stage graphics for a couple local bands for a while... and Have plenty of lead players at my disposal... I just want to play...
  So work on that timing... and let everythin else come later....
  otherwise it is a great song... like the idea of it.....
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