#1October 22nd, 2023 · 02:15 AM
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The Word From Up Top

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I am composing some stuff for an indie video game project, so this is for that, and there are horns. For over a decade I have felt creatively threatened by the bonkers Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack, which went into some sort of jazzy horn-filled world tour between standard favorites.  i.e., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BelUq2-6RP4&t=790s

I'm building these in separate layered files so that the game can control which layers are on, but I rendered this mp3 in 2 full loops since one loop is like ~1:20.  The back half is just more of the same.

Just grooving!  If you have any horn pro tips, or favorite samples, let me know!

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#2February 24th, 2024 · 02:00 AM
117 threads / 20 songs
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United States of America
This separate piece has more horn work that is more produced than the jam above.  I have not sorted out samples beyond stock Logic Pro X, but with liberal use of staccato on some trombones I can manage okay:


The soundcloud track is straddling a dance or edm genre and whatever it is I do.  I probably will not try solo-tier horn work, but I could stand to learn about natural breath when playing one, so I will be busy learnin
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