#1April 12th, 2023 · 05:08 AM
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Tropical dreams

This song is not in a battle

Trance tune made in the summer of 2022.
Been a long time i posted something here.
Lets see what the experts have to say about this one.

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#2April 12th, 2023 · 10:12 AM
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Trance music is really outside my area of expertise, so this is a layman's take: I found the selected sounds to be lush, the swirling/panning effects to be hypnotic, the chordal elements to be elegant. Quite beautiful!
#3April 12th, 2023 · 01:57 PM
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I really don't know much about this genre either, but I can tell you that it does feel great to my ears. It's transporting!  I think I should listen to trance more

I myself haven't posted anything for a very long time. I'll try to make some time to return with some work. Cheers!
#4April 12th, 2023 · 02:24 PM
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I'm no expert too with Trance. I prefer the bass line in the last section, seems to go better with everything else. Like the sounds, apart from the bass, it was a bit too deep, needs more mid to cut through, and cut the sub. 

If you shorten the arrangement, it will flow better in my opinion, the delay in some places seem to clash, may need to alter the speed or length a bit, and lastly try and work on a melody that builds.

It's got potential 
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