#1January 6th, 2023 · 08:00 PM
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Know Your Product

This song is not in a battle

Its been quite a while so like to wish Ampers all the best for 2023.After all these years its heartening to see some familiar faces still here .
Running low on original ideas so reverted to a cover from a band hailing from my old home town of Brisbane 1978 and the punk era which i'm proud to say I was a part of .Yeah safety pins broken glass amyl nitrate cheap thrills and the qld police all part of the narrative , but now i'm older a grand pa and the grand kids want to know all about it soooooo. Got my grand son to run the machines while i played sax .
 Recorded on my now ancient imac with softeware so outdated ,but still for a punk song with guitars dirty amp & horns it does the job.
Message still relevant "Know Your Product" by the Saints. so yeah where's the professor?

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#2January 7th, 2023 · 11:22 AM
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Great to hear from you - What a Great up beat track... Whole lotta fun going on... oh Yeah.
#3January 8th, 2023 · 10:57 AM
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Punk with horns and over-driven vocals - alright! So good to hear from you again, grandpa!
#4January 28th, 2023 · 12:11 PM
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Cymru (Wales)
Getting a wonderful Iggi Pop vibe .... absolutely love it
Yes the horns make it and take it way out there.

So what is it? Are we getting older? Or is there some bigger reason why raw grabbing tunes are no longer being produced?
This really is the real thing through and through
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