#1June 20th, 2022 · 11:19 AM
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ses 20 ans full mix

This song is not in a battle

here's the final version of that song
still working on the mix but all instrument recorded
any feed back welcome

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#2November 3rd, 2022 · 03:12 PM
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a sweet chanson that makes me want to enjoy a summery day with a drink on a terrace somewhere away from all the busy daily life very nice recording!
#3November 14th, 2022 · 11:25 PM
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United States of America
aw this was fun, made me feel good to listen to. More like this!
#4January 28th, 2023 · 12:28 PM
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Cymru (Wales)
Beautiful Vincent, easy and flowing like a summer evening with a loved one, back and forth like a leaf on a soft breeze.
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