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Where Did We Go Wrong new
In collaboration with: Ailyn Mondragon, Tihomir Vucajnk, Vladimir Sostaric, Boris Mrzlecki, Marcus Hauck, Johannes Then

This song is not in a battle

Its just unbelievable how many people were killed, tortured and enslaved in human history.
When you add up together the whole known history of humanity, only maybe 100 years of it, there were no wars...Evolution did so fine, right? And still we think we are so great, advanced, smart, beautiful etc...
As long as we keep craving for money, power, and material stuff, things will not change....
It sounds harsh, but we are not better than (other) animals. At least, they have a good excuse....
Song was written in the late 2000s, music/arrangements and part of the lyrics by me (Goran Vedris),
and the other part of the lyrics by Dino Puric.
Our first studio album should be finished soon, so we will also have a few original CDs to give away, with autographs..... Thank you all for following us and liking our work... Next couple of songs will be sang by our singer/guitarist Tihomir Vucajnk.......Until then, stay healthy, beautiful and smart.... 
Music / lyrics / arrangements: Goran Vedris
Lyrics: Dino Puric
Lead / rhythm guitars: Goran Vedris
Vocals: Ailyn Mondragon
Rhythm guitar / vocals: Tihomir Vucajnk
Bass guitar: Vladimir Sostaric
Keyboards / Organs / Piano: Boris Mrzlecki
Drums: Marcus Hauck (on studio recordings)
Production / keyboards: Johannes Then
Mastering: GKG Mastering Ludwig Maier (Freising, Germany)
Recorded at Tonstudio Then (Freising, Germany)

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Cymru (Wales)
Nice professional sound, catchy, listened and went out side humming it to my self,
Any local radio stations still interested in music and into playing local talent?
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30 threads / 30 songs
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Thank you very much
We have a new single out, here's the link
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