#1February 18th, 2021 · 05:01 AM
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United Kingdom
Tidal Dreams

This song is not in a battle

Hello, Its been a while since I have been here..I have been making music and collaborated with a friend accross the seas on this particular piece of music. This is a spiritual journey . The music is what I created and the words and vocals are by Helena Ratzlaff Bauer.
I think I have moved on since I first started here all those years ago. Made a few friend's on here and lost a few sadly.
Time is flying ..its nice to be back.

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#2March 10th, 2021 · 11:14 AM
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This is what I need after a stressy day.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me
#3August 2nd, 2021 · 10:51 AM
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A very chill vibe... relaxing indeed...
yeah... the Amp is pretty much a relic now, sadly. I've moved to soundcloud, which if used right isn't so bad - interacting with other musicians there is ok. a bit more distant, but if you give honest (positive) feedback you will receive it back...

Anyway, I drop by here from time to time if any of the old gems are still shining, and I suppose they do

nice to see you being creative even if your post is months old already. But hey
#4August 17th, 2021 · 08:39 AM
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Really nice listen while waking up. Does remind me to parts of the album Slave to the rhytm from Grace Jones!

Also nice to see some are still active.
So am I, my band Time Flies is finally recording now.
Will post some soon!
#5September 9th, 2021 · 01:07 AM
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Layed back cool and chilled I really like this plus people popping in after a decade or more speaks of the influence this old site has had on us over the years.Am reminded of the Breakfast at Tiffanies shopping scene and "isn't it still reassuring they put prizes in the cracker jack box" make one feel connected somehow.
Thanks for posting
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