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Prisoner Of Love (remake)
In collaboration with: Ailyn Mondragon, Marcus Hauck, Johannes Then, Ludwig Maier, Goran Vedriš

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Kheops One feat. Ailyn Mondragon - Prisoner Of Love

We finally did a professional remake of this song.
We are all very pleased how it turned out....
Took as some time to do it, because of the lockdown....
But here it is. Hope You guys enjoy it.
Btw, we are promoting all the music we record on the indie radios around the world....
Thanks, stay safe and healthy.
Greetings from Germany....

Vocals: Ailyn Mondragon
Guitars and bass: Goran Vedriš
Drums: Marcus Hauck
Cello and production: Johannes Then (Tonstudio Then, Freising)
Mastering: GKG Mastering Ludwig Maier (Freising)

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