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Thrown Away My Face

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Thrown away my Face is a track I originally composed in 1993, at the early beginnings of my musician's carreer. Over the years, it has gone through many iterations and re-imaginations. It was subject to a remix competition right here on BandAMP as well in which contestants won T-shirts.

As a two-chord song, each individual recording heavily relies on the instrumental arrangement more than it's musical composition. The last version dating from 2012 already, it was time for a new one. Also, the song itself celebrates it's 25th anniversary this year (2018), which I realized after finishing the track.

This version is influenced by experiences I had at a festival in july this year, I tried to capture the atmosphere of that festival as I perceived it. The very original recording was also based on experiences I had at an underground club so there you have it - full circle.

But I doubt it not, there will be new versions in the future. This track has become something of a "benchmark" song, not so much in recording quality but more as a "how is life for me these days" kind of way.


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Hey Pup! I remember this song from your previous postings. This version has a really effective ominous quality. Love the old-school synth sounds. Although I never realized it before, some aspects of your lyric composition, structure and delivery reminds me a bit of Leonard Cohen (the comparison may seem odd, but I think it really works well here).
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Thanks! Leonard Cohen is a true hero of mine, and I enjoy playing some of his songs on acoustic guitar, which is indeed an exercise in delivery. I am honored and flattered that you make this association 
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